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Dr Nataly Atalla


Reproductive Medicine & Women's Wellnes Specialist

Dr Nataly Atalla is a renowned Consultant Gynaecologist with a special interest in Reproductive Medicine. Her experience in treating patients with infertility and using the latest Assisted Conception techniques enable her to give infertile couples the best chance to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Nataly has a special interest in the management of recurrent implantation failure, miscarriage and reproductive immunology. She also has a long history of expertise in genetics-linked assisted conception and the screening of embryos prior to implantation in the womb. Using these techniques she is able to diagnose and therefore avoid genetically inheritable diseases so that chances of a successful pregnancy can be maximised.

Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine for over twenty years.

Nataly has practised Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine for over twenty years with the NHS and at several of the most respected Assisted Conception units in the UK.

Nataly was also Deputy Director at The Bridge Centre for three years. She is a CCST accredited Consultant and a recognised trainer of the British Fertility Society.

Skills & Procedures

Nataly’s husband, Dr Haytham Khalil, also offers his specialist expertise as a Senior Consutant in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Urogynaecology.  This allows Fertility Assist Clinics to provide their patients with an accomplished and highly skilled husband and wife team, able to provide individualised, one-to-one care from assisting with conception and establishing pregnancy through to birth and a happy outcome.

  • Full reproductive health check
  • 3D Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Cervical smears and Infection swabs
  • Full hormonal blood tests
  • Early Pregnancy Scans
  • Uterine Aquascans for polyps/fibroids
  • HyCosy for tubal patency
  • Ovarian Antral Follicle Count
  • Cycle monitoring
  • Male semen analysis

Fertility Assist

As Director of her specialist Fertility Assist Clinics, Nataly is renowned for running very successful satellite clinics where she has been able to provide her expertise and services for NHS patients as well as her patients in the private sector. These included clinics at Holly House Hospital and The Rivers Hospital in Essex and at the Oxford Fertility Unit. This has enabled her to provide local treatment for her patients at their doorstep.

Nataly has been affiliated with some of the most successful and highly regarded IVF diagnostic and treatment clinics in the UK.  Since 2016 she has been treating her patients at The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy enabling her to use the latest Assisted Conception techniques available.

Nataly offers advice on fertility treatment whether for couples with fertility problems or for women who may be considering having a baby but concerned their “biological clock” is ticking she offers a full reproductive health check, an assessment of fertility potential and ovarian reserve. Nataly investigates both female and male infertility factors and gives advice on any investigations, treatment and procedures that may be needed for a successful outcome.

Nataly’s own experiences coupled with her specialist expertise in Reproductive Medicine enables her to have a good understanding of the anxieties and stresses that can be associated with fertility treatment.

Nataly also appreciates the importance of having easy access to information and individualised attention. She also offers emotional support that is often needed during what can be one of the most stressful times in peoples’ lives.

Womens Wellness

Nataly and Haytham are very proud to have recently added Women’s Wellness Clinics to complement the services of their renowned Fertility Assist Clinics.  This enables them to offer their highly skilled expertise and one-to-one care for busy women needing a fast track service to three dedicated clinics:

  • Menopause Clinic
  • Gynaecology Clinic
  • Feminine Rejuvenation Clinic

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All Clinics are held at Harley Street except HCA Healthcare patients who are seen at the London Bridge Hospital at The Shard or at Portland Hospital for Women & Children.