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Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Wellness Specialists

Dr Nataly Atalla & Dr Haytham Khalil


Women’s Wellness

Clinics to include a dedicated, Women’s Wellness Clinic.

Reproductive Medicine

Assisted Conception

Ovulation Induction

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Cycle Monitoring

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Blastocyst Transfer

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Reproductive Immunology

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Preimplantation Genetic Screening

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In-vitro Fertilisation

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Artificial Insemination

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Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

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Egg, Embryo & Sperm Sharing

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We wanted to thank you and Dr. Khalil once again for all the support throughout our journey to welcoming our son. This would have not have happened without your support from day one, and we are just so lucky to have met both of you and experience this magical moment. We are so excited to start our new family, and I hope after all this covid incident has settled down, we can come and thank you again in person
Thank you so much once again, and I hope to see you soon!

EriBaby Okui

We are delighted to introduce Henry, born 8th May 2021 weighing 7lbs 10oz at 38 + 2 weeks. Delivery was tough but fine overall. Waters broke naturally but then needed an induction as it didn’t progress naturally. The induction worked well until he got as far as I could with long contractions but ended with an emergency C- section. Good job as they think he probably wouldn’t fit through my pelvis. We got home 3 days later and adjusting well. Thank you so much for making this happen. We are completely in love with him and will be in touch about a sibling in the future!

Emma & ChrisBaby Henry

Imogen was born on 19th February weighing a healthy 7lbs 3oz. Andy and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for everything you did to help us finally become parents and enable us to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Apologies for the delay in messaging. I had planned to bring Imogen in to meet you but it looks like that won’t be possible for the foreseeable future so I thought I’d send a couple of recent photos. I hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

Sarah & AndyBaby Imogen

We are very delighted to share the news of arrival of our baby boy Master. Atharv Rao. Baby was delivered on 30th April 2019, nearly 6 weeks before actual due date. Abnormal dopplers suggested IUGR and doctors at Harris Birthright center decided to have it delivered just after 33 weeks. By gods grace baby did well outside of the womb and did not require any support from the time of birth. He was at NICU/HDU/SCBU for about a month. Now is home, both mom and baby are doing fine.

SowmayaBaby Atharv

Hope you are well and not working too hard. Just wanted to say hi and introduce you to baby Sofia Eliana Demetriou born on 22nd January at 12.56pm weighing 7lb 11oz. I am recovering from a c-section, Sofia is good and my 5 year old has just caught chicken pox from school so not ideal but we are otherwise all well and enjoying our now complete family. Thank you so much for all your help, support, guidance, I chose you by instinct and it proved me right. You are a natural at what you do. Here’s a few pic of the little one and one with Alessia, her older sis, before the chicken pox.

RosaBaby Sofia

Dr Atalla has guided us through a very long journey to have our daughter. She was the very first person we saw and her expertise in Fertility and Assisted Fertility were invaluable to us both. Dr Atalla gave us encouragement when our first four IVF trials hadn't worked. She gave us information and guidance on the newest medication and procedures that could benefit in conceiving. We will forever be grateful for Dr Atalla in helping us complete our family. We hope that our testimonial gives other couples hope for the future.

Stella & JimBaby

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All Clinics are held at Harley Street except HCA Healthcare patients who are seen at the London Bridge Hospital at The Shard or at Portland Hospital for Women & Children.